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    Anyone have an opinion on www.topbet.com ?Takes cc cards,generous bonuses,free payout

    Minimum bets $5 on parlays,They put out any moneyline dog odds out like +1200 for Wizzards tonight.They will give a free $50 sweet 16 bet out if you have $50 in your account when those odds are posted.They give a free $10 prop bet on the NBA every Thursday.Signup bonus is 50% and it's a 5X playthrough on deposit and bonus and not the free play winnings.Actually,it works out where it's a cash bonus because if you make a $10 bet,$5 comes from real money account and $5 from bonus account.They accept the vast majority of Visas.

    Looks like a good book with a troubled past before new owners took it over.Good recreational bettors book? www.topbet.com free once a month payout
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    send em a dime and let us know

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    give me a break.

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    anything on futurebet should be avoided
    and in all honesty
    anything in that 3rd world rat hole should be avoided
    all of them A+ on down
    never never kid yourself
    no matter what the tica/tico believe
    their sovereignty exists because the US allows it
    one phone call from the Dept of justice to the Tica El Presendte at the request of obama and DIS would round everyone up and have the info to seize all the bank Accounts in under 6 hours
    the best they could hope for is a phone call to get across into Nicaragua

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    scam futurebet scum..have scammed tons of players over the years

    promoted by the scum at covers. I'm sure if you're a big loser you might get an occasional payout just to keep you coming back. NO different than oddsmaker. STAY AWAY

    calvin ayre's website has a good article about the scum behind topbet and covers