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    Peyton Manning is a Politician

    If he wants to be released, he should tell the owner to release him. He is looking for sympathy and will not get any from me.

    Irsay gave Manning $26,000,000.00 last year without Peyton playing a down. He could have put Manning on IR and cut his losses substantially. I live in Indy and Irsay has said repeatedly, if Manning is healthy, he will be the quarterback in Indianapolis(http://www.indystar.com/article/2011...-ll-stay-Colts). The media is shooting for ratings with speculations, and the facts are none of them have any idea what they are talking about. They were wrong when they said the Colts would keep Caldwell, wrong when they said they were going to hire an offensive minded coach, and are now wrong about the speculation the team plans to release #18. Everything has always depended on whether or not 18 can throw a football.

    Peyton has refused the idea of restructuring his contract, even with the uncertainty of him playing football this upcoming year, or ever again. Unfortunately, the talking heads on TV refuse to acknowledge any of this and will continue to throw darts if it means better numbers.

    I don't blame Manning if he doesn't want to play with the Colts. He surely would have another ring or two if he had a somewhat decent defense his entire career. What I do have a problem with his him playing the media to make himself look good in the public eye.

    Irsay is a fukking idiot too.

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    Guy would do well in political forum

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    Manning doesn't want to be released, and even if he did, if he is still able to play football someone will pay him. so he got paid this year, and he'll get paid next year, or the colts keep him and pay him 28 million. +EV