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    Quote Originally Posted by Ra77er View Post
    Shari, thanks for the late night "entertainment" (Don't mention any of this to JJ)

    Merry Christmas
    Thank you sweetpea and a HUGE ditto... you're one of the guys I look forward to reading when I log on for my shifts at night. You keep me company whether I'm in a good mood, cranky or just need some amusement. Such a great poster and hilarious as well. I wish you all the best Ra77er. You're a great addition to SBR and I personally am grateful you've stuck around. You have no idea how much xo

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    Shari, check your email. Gracias.

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    Shari is a liberal...

    Don't want to bang her no more...

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    Big loss, Shari.

    How are you going to manage?

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    You fat turd, you'd be lucky to sniff BobbyFK's spooge rag. Quit playing like you wouldn't attack Shari if you saw her. No wonder she doesn't live here.

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    merry xmas to shari and all of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shari91 View Post

    As soon as I get some lippy on, it's heading your way. Send me an email to sbr.shari at gmail though... lost a lot of addresses from my old account. As Blondie's referring to, I currently have two bloody ponies in my backyard thanks to my senile neigbours who think buying livestock for their grandkids for Xmas is a good idea so bear with me xo
    Waiting for you to come back on and tell me how well you convinced the police that they are NOT horses, they are Santa's reindeer

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    I've listened to the music in here like 16 times waiting for people to get to my house... Canucker: You already know how I feel about you dollface. TY. You know why xo
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    Merry Christmas to Shari!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Walker why Shari??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????

    There are 2900 others that post here

    Walker I am sitting here with nothing under the fukkin rug and I mean nothing

    I am fukkin scrooge and dont care to admit it

    Playing craps in Asia and so fukkin angry about everything

    I swear I hope Shari gets fukkin rocks and stale bananas in her stockings

    Totally ignored me the last 6 months
    One of a kind

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    Shari must still hate me, not one Christmas wish from here.

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    Fukkin broad is cheatin on me

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    Merry Christmas kid.

    Hopefully one day we can meet for a perogy and Italian sausage lunch at Mr Perogy in TBay!

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