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    recommendations for best way to cash out

    I was wondering what is the best way to cash out? I have only been doing so for about a year and have only used the "mail me check method"; and I honestly chose this because I was new to it, nervous and thinking it was somehow the least amount of info I would have to give to the site.
    I'm trying to cash out from a site I more.recently got an account with (5dimes) and totally forgot that they ask you to send copies of your ************ you used to deposit, drivers license, and even a bill with your name and address. I remember having to do this for bodog as well. Does this make anyone else uncomfortable? Do they only ask for this if you try to cash out via check? I have never had an issue with bodog and don't mind sending my.CC (they have the # anyway!) but my license and bill bothers me more since its a photo id.
    What methods do you use to cash out?

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    P2P for me... Im done faxing in id bills etc its a pita.