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    USC +14.5 against Oregon is a good play on Saturday

    Since when was it ever a good bet to play against USC as a double digit underdog. Notre Dame was one of them, and the Trojans covered easily. Expecting another classic rank team let down after beating a highly rank Stanford team on national television. USC will be the more motivating team because of that, and has the talent to hang with Oregon.

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    last year the usc oregon game was real close. don't know how many players have left, how relevant that is. was thinking of looking carefully at usc, good luck

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    Been looking at this game also. Possible considering the over as well but I expect USC to put up more of a fight than Oregon did and I think two TD's is too much

    Game is already at +15 in my books

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    i dont like it , big o rolls i say , gl
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    I like it. Barkley wants to be #2 pick