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    Scores Website for NCCAB

    Anyone have any good websites for sports scores, specifically for college basketball?

    ESPN is so lagged and behind it's not even funny.

    Thanks in advance ...

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    i always as that question around here , and getting an answer is like pulling teeth...

    try cbssports.com

    or if you wanna watch a certain game try firstrow or channel surfing

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    Sportsnetwork.com is good for smaller college hoops games. Espn, yahoo and CBS are on point for the big conference games but this site is much more frequent updating smaller conference games.

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    I use the NCAA website itself. Their scores update pretty rapidly.

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    while on this subject,

    what apps do u guys use for droids?

    espn alerts and sportacular only send halftime and final updates. any apps that will send me an alert or text more often? thanks