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    Quote Originally Posted by 815Sox View Post
    Scherzher has been iffy in the second half.

    Throw out the KC game, his last five starts have been solid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenash View Post


    Throw out the KC game, his last five starts have been solid.
    Second half of the season, not the last five. He was dominant in the first half but slowed down in the second. He will probably be okay in the playoffs. But will be going against a potent offense. I think he is going to have a very strong near next year though. His major problem is his Home v Away splits. Away he has around a 5.00 ERA

    Off Topic sortof: But did everyone know that the Tigers have never won the Central Division? The last division Championship came in the late 80s (87) when it was still in the East.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muscles View Post
    The tigers are MLB's hottest team right now. There's no way I'd ever go against them at this point, especially with Verlander on the mound...that guy has been money. AL CY.
    Exactly stay with the hot teams. Especially at the end of the season Verlander will try to get as many wins as possible. This is probably a once in a lifetime season for him. Every time he pitches i take him on the RL.

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