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    FanDuel vs. DraftStreet

    Whats everyones favorite fantasy sites? Fanduel or Draft Street? or should i drop money in both and check them out? How are they with withdrawls? Fast? Any info you guys have is appreciated. Pts will be distributed to the most helpful.

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    This thread has already been started here http://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/players-ta...-fan-duel.html and below was my answer.

    This is a great question and I have deposited with both of them. I originally deposited with draftstreet..right before SBR granted Pro Status to anyone who did so I got hung out on that one but then SBR announced that if you deposit with FanDuel, you'd get Pro Status, so I jumped into FanDuel and voila, I'm now a Pro.

    ]That being said, I think it's a flip of the coin. What neither of these sites realize is that if one of them would start doing season long fantasy leagues it would be a no brainer. I think they are convinced that if they run season long leagues it will take away from people participating in their daily and weekly leagues when nothing could be further from the truth. They would actually attract people who only do season long leagues to actually try the daily and weekly leagues.

    Personally, it gets a bit tedious drafting with the salary cap. I like the live snake drafts. By the way, for anyone who is sick of CBS taking a 40% rake for fantasy football and baseball leagues, someone here turned me on to Masters and so far so good.
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    like them both, though more sports at draftstreet, fanduel is a simpler layout. up 1k in 2 weeks mostly luck but i will take it

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