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    if you never hit on 16 and usually don't hit on 15, you're the mongoloid, pal. not surprising that you're the last to know.

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    If you want to complete large wagering requirements with Blackjack bets, it is definately better playing by the book. Your only chance to succeed. It is also a good idea to follow the book when a small winning is enough for you (in ratio compared to the deposited amount). However in case you want to play without bonus, and want to earn a multiple of your deposited amount, following the book won't give you good results. Following the book usually is useful for those players who claim a cashable bonus, that carries a favourable amount of wagering requirement, that means in more than half of the cases when they use such bonuses, they can walk away with a positive balance, because even though they may have a smaller balance than at the starting point, because of the cashable bonus, the final sum will be higher than their deposit. In such cases the book can guarantee the positive balance. Not the winnings over the initial sum, but that the outcome will be higher than your deposit.

    But as I said, if you just want to gamble, and take the risk to see whether you can multiple your deposit amount with big ratios (100%, 200% or even 1000%), you don't need to follow the book. I usually play like this, often I just deposit and bet the whole balance I have when I feel the best moment has come, and see if I am lucky or not. But you don't have to follow this, decide which attitude is best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Br0nxer View Post
    i always play by the book when i used to play blackjack in the casino. i didnt care what it was. My last 500.00 dollars to my name. if i had 16 and the dealer had 10 up i hit. playing on hunch will win you a hand here and there but over the long haul playing BJ by the book i think is the only way to go. that being said. casino games are for suckers. you cant win. it is 100% impossible. That is how they build those skyscrapers in vegas. off casino games. thats why i stopped playing them.
    If surrender is available (and it should be in a good game), that was the wrong play.

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    play by the book until your gut tells you otherwise

    I have found when I use both I win.. almost everytime

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    Damn good stuff, sir...
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    All depends on whether you can count cards or not. Once you memorize indices, basic strategy can vary quite a bit. For the average schmuck (no offense, i was one too) yes basic strategy is the mathematical way to play. Although application of rules vary basic strategy play depending on things like dealer hit soft 17, allow late surrender, DAS, etc... If you really like blackjack or want to try to turn a profit definitely learn a low lvl system first. The math isn't really difficult for those, it's just the time invested to master.

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    Pretty much always play by the book but while I'm losing my ass I always think what if I played never to bust. For instance 12,13,14,15,16 I would always stand always giving myself a chance....

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    On a side note. Everyone should try Spanish 21. Not in the sbr casino (different rules) but live. The game probably had worse odds, but god damn it's fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerekMadden View Post
    play by the book until your gut tells you otherwise

    I have found when I use both I win.. almost everytime
    Definately the same here!

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    Blackjack should be played by the book. You can win a boatload of money by sticking to the basic principles of the game. I have never met a professional roulette or craps player. I have met plenty of professional Blackjack players.

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    Blackjack is NOT a way to make money unless you can count cards well and make a fake big bet for every two or three legitimate big bets. It will throw off the eye in the sky who is counting along with you. But be known; even if you are just on a hot streak, they can still accuse you of counting and forbid you to play.

    Craps has the best odds bets in Casinos but they are still edged towards the house. In any casino game you are just looking for a hot streak. Stay away from casino games. Gamble with skill games; ie poker and sportsbetting.

    Unless you cheat (counting cards) you will NEVER win in the long haul on casino games.

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    There is significant difference between online blackjack and brick and mortar casino blackjack. In B&M casinos you can definately count cards, but online every new hand is random, so no chance to use card counting as an advantage. On the other hand, you can get bonuses for blackjack online, and if they are happen to be +EV bonuses, you can use the strategy charts to make profit by the help of the bonus.

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    I still love to play online blackjack, its addicting

    I play all the games now but small stakes

    Never dreamed of saying I play at online casinos

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