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    Lets watch women golf

    One thing you can say about women's golf, is the view is better, I'd say a little promotion by the LPGA and they'd be right there with the men.

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    dykes in spikes

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    I'm with ya pharies, a whole lot better than it used to be! Plus there are some really good players to boot.

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    womens golf is one of the more predictable sports. there are about 4 or 5 chicks that sh*t on all the rest of them.

    tseng, wie, lewis, stanford, kerr, creamer

    i bet it how i started betting soccer a few years ago- arsenal, man u, chelsea, liverpool....just bet them whenever theyre not playing eachother. was pretty successful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    dykes in spikes
    Thats softball