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    louie dog
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    gf moving to dallas

    what should i do guys. girlfriend moving to Dallas. we been dating for a year. should i move or move on?

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    Success is one thing, Impact is another
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    You guys should move together and rent a room from opie til you get settled.

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    dont be a pussy

    which means u dont chase after the pussy
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    girls are a dime a dozen. you'll find another one.

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    The Wiggler
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    depends where you live now

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    Dallas? Where do you live now. How far is it? I would say move on. Long distance never works. Also it depends how hot your girl is and how easy it is for you to get another.

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    Update your status
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    Louie who gives a fuk

    Let her go

    She is fukkin miserable anyway

    Loie give me a fukkin winner