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    Spurs/Blazers Total

    I am showing a total of 177.....that seems awfully low now. I am really tempted to take the Over.

    What does everyone else think?

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    Pop was pissed after the Phoenix game about the Spurs' defense...or lack there of. Usually when he gets pissed like that....they respond. Would becareful with this one.

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    It does seem a bit low. I see the spurs putting up 85-90 at least.

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    Yeah definitely seems low, but I dont really see anything to validate taking the ova, other than Portland will come out pumped for home opener, but when I looked into it teams are about 50/50 so-far in home openers. Lastly, you gotta think both teams will play extremely hard to not go 0-2, but will that lead to more scoring or even better defense? Portland had a horrible time in game one scoring. My intuition tells me its going over, but I dont see anything to support that.

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    The Under here is actually my POD. No Odom means Duncan could block every shot in sight, and I am down on he Spurs offense with Manu out. Would not surprise me if neither team gets out of the 80s.

    I'll call Spurs 87-82.