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    Will Obama Supporters Be Shocked ---


    The article I've posted a link to below, by antiwar.com director Justin Raimondo, pretty much sums it up.

    He tells how his antiwar supporters are suppressing their critical facilities in the hope that Obama is NOT a GW with a better brain and language skills, but the same old same old aggressive, self-defeating foreign policies.

    Raimondo, correctly I think, states that the antiwar Obama supporters are supposing that the candidate-soon-to-be-president is saying the things he's saying re Russia, Afghanistan, etc, in order not to piss off the all-potent Military-Industrial Establishment.

    But that he will release the doves of peace after Jan 20.

    Obama, Raimondo notes, is like a blank slate upon which those disgusted to death over the stupidity and crassness of GW, and the neocons running loose in the White House, will write into Obama what they feel comfortable with, ignoring the reality of his own words,

    I think that's true, as I was in that boat.

    But Obama has made it quite clear that he is more agressive than even McCain in the ultmately useless and counter-productive occupation of Afg, with the whole sham of a puppet government and the like.

    That he will shoehorn Georgia, the Ukraine and other states that are in Russia's sphere of influence, into NATO, and thus assist us into WW3.

    I think that Obama is superior to Bush in this manner: he's not a liar. He's telling us exactly what he will do.

    I don't like mandates, and it looks like Obama is going to win by a landslide. And if so, there will be expensive pork to be awarded, to this supporters. So the national debt is likely to continue to skyrocket. Just like the Soviet Union debt did, before the fall of the Iron Curtain

    Raimondo, tho a libertarian, and a writer for Pat Buchanan's paleo-conservative magazine, American Conservative, has decided to support Nader. As you can see by the link in his separate article on that decision, it has drawn criticism from some of his "anti-socialist" supporters.

    It is true that Raimondo needs $300,000 a year to support his often interesting site, and if most of his supporters think the antiwar cause is victorious when Barack is inaugurated in January, the funds for his site will dry considerably.

    But his article is worth reading without any more of my own commentary.


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    I'll sit this one out, thank you very much

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    I think most are going to be surprised that he doesnt just pull all the troops out of Iraq, we are there for the long haul. Of course the war doesnt seem to be on the voters priority list anymore, JMO.


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    I think he pulls almost all the combat troops out of Iraq, but only to either sit them in Kuwait, watching, or to ship them to the increasingly murderous fields of Afghanistan.

    The war lobbyists, the MIC, hold the ultimate aces.