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    Three out of four white supremacists prefer Obama

    Tom Metzger, Director White Aryan Resistance
    "McCain... Hes a scary, scary person -- more
    dangerous than Bush. Obama, according to his
    book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and
    I have no problem with black racists."

    Erich Glieber, Chairman, National Alliance
    "Obama... Hes a very intelligent man, an
    excellent speaker and has charisma... My only
    problem with Obama is perhaps hes not
    black enough.

    Rocky Suhayda, Chairman, American Nazi Party
    White people are faced with either a negro or
    a total nutter who happens to have a pale
    face. Personally Id prefer the negro."

    The odd one out is Ron Edwards, Imperial Wizard
    of the Imperial Klans of America
    Obama, I think hes a piece of shit."


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    Obamy sure is charismatic.

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    They're just like the dentists and the sugarless gum, or was that 4 out of 5?

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    That is hilarious..

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