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    My gawd.... Is Obama TRYING to lose the election on purpose?

    30 min infomercial on major networks during primetime?????

    Good thing ABC said no and is showing regular programming of Pushing Daises or I would've changed my vote.

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    Yeah I missed out on Knight Rider tonight.

    I will say that there are much cheaper ways of throwing the election than spending a bunch of millions to spam America. Obviously his campaign thought it was a good idea. I think it's good for him (the positives outweigh the negatives of Americans seeing Obama waste millions to disrupt programming), but with that money, he could've increased his support more effectively than with this method.

    What's annoying is that the networks got away with showing more ads than they usually do.
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    He was on TV last night

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    Democrats taking advantage of their money. Nothing wrong with it. It was not just a tribute to Obama, more of a snapshot of people's struggles. They cut in the last minute to his live speech in Florida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yisman View Post
    Yeah I missed out on Knight Rider tonight.
    You should thank Obama for that.