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    Georgia vs. Florida

    I am headed down thursday. As a die hard dawg fan/grad. i do not usually bet on them.

    Florida is -5 to 5.5.


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    What year did you graduate from UGA?

    Georgia +5.5 for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavyracer View Post
    What year did you graduate from UGA?

    Georgia +5.5 for me.

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    Georgia Big

    & Proud
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    This game goes as Florida's offenssive play calling goes. If Florida resorts back to a Tebow and Harvin show then Georgia gets the win. If Florida continues what they have demonstrated the past 10 quarters of play and getting everyone involved then Florida could run away with this game. I realize I am a Florida diehard but it's just that simple. Florida has toomany weapons for any defense to be able to cover everyone and still be able to apply pressure on the quarterback, so if they use everyone then they score with ease. This is to take nothing away from Georgia, they have the ability to put up some impressive numbers as well. The key for Georgia will be running the ball and making that a priority. If we get the best from both teams this will be one amazing game but Florida gets the win.

    I stated I am a diehard Gator fan but I promise you I remain very objective about my team.

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    no chance i do anything else

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    This is going to be a great game. Florida has been incredible since they lost to Ole Miss. And Georgia likewise since the Bama game.

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    Georgia definetly, capping, gambling, betting, whatever you want to call it is not for the fragile. Georgia is just as good as they were when they were ranked 1 or 2 to start the year off, they just lost a game. I personally dont understand the spread, but I'll take it.

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    Teams that have historically given Georgia the most trouble are teams that play smashmouth football and run the ball a lot. Georgia's defense is built on speed and match up well against finese & speed teams...believe it or not, they're as fast as Florida. AJ Green is their Percey Harvin. It's going to be crutial for Florida to get up big early and take the running attack away from Georgia. Otherwise you're going to see Moreno and his 6.2 yards per carry about 30 times Saturday.