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    name nba teams that suck and should be faded

    milwaukee bucks

    no defense

    ridnour at pg

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    6 point dogs to the bulls, books are well aware they suck.

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    Square thread.

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    lots of injury problems on the Bulls.....

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    Based on the win total maybe the Knicks, don't see 32.5 in their future

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    Any team run by MJ who counts on contributions from Adam Morrison, Matt Carroll, and Ryan Hollins deserves to be on this list

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    Clippers and Clippers only. Golden State will suck until Monte comes back. As for the Bucks I wouldnt count on fading a team with two former all-stars and the second coming of Vlade Divac. If they stay healthy and make one right move such as getting Zach Randolph there a playoff team.

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    My buddy Chance likes the Warriors for a good fade early in the season LINK. I've got no clue really since I barely follow the NBA.