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    Who here wants to f\*\*k up Brett Farve?

    I do.

    This old fvcking asshole gets picked off 3 times today. Hes lucky he hasn't been 7 times.

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    28/40...290 yds, 2TD's and 3 INTS..nobody wants to kill him bc those r actually good stats minus the 3 INTs but all the jets care about is winning..they could care less if they cover a spread and that is exactly y I find the best dogs with the points to take and never bet favorites unless it is a 2 or 3 point favorite with a ML of -130 or better and I take the ML

    Brett Favre for president

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    Not a gambler's friend ... for sure!

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    I'm sure the talking heads at ESPN are gonna suck his rooster on PrimeTime talking about another amazing 4th quarter comeback .... only the comeback was needed because of his 91 yd INT TD from earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsoprano View Post
    I do.

    This old fvcking asshole gets picked off 3 times today. Hes lucky he hasn't been 7 times.

    Listen Im all about being aggresive, but they played like shit 1st 1/2 and finally had a lead,previous drive very nice, why not run the ball and take the 3 and go up by 7???

    Thye should have been running the ball all game,KC run D is horrendous!

    Still cant believe he threw a pick 6, absolutely worst scenario that could have happened, actually though I had a chance for pushning the 14 and would have won a few teasers and parlays.

    I thought after that disgusting loss to the raiders and being @ home against a shitty team w/ no playmakers, they would crush em, it was between them and Balt,I made the wrong choice obviously.

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    Brett is really starting to show his age, he is still better than lots of QB's in NFL, arm speed still there but he is not a top 10 QB anymore.



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    I dont get how this old fk hasnt ever been hurt seriously once in his life. I mean every great QB I can think of has had some season ending injury or missed some good time of a season once in there carrer.

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    Jets will be lucky to win 8 games.

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    If you're dumb enough to spot 14 points in a NFL game, one of the worst -EV bets, then you should you lose your bet!

    PS Had KC +14.5 (bought the 1/2). Loved the game.
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