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    NHL Scheduling

    I love Hockey and I think it is a great product but here is another example of the Commissioner and league just not getting it. They need to learn to market their sport better.

    No games are scheduled today. Not a single one. Now I realize that it is NFL Sunday and there is a World Series game tonight but they also do not have a Sunday Night Football game to compete with. They could have easily scheduled some Night NHL games and I think there would be a lot of interest.

    Then looking at the schedule for the upcoming week I noticed only 2 games on Friday. Are you kidding me? Only 2 on a Friday when people are out of work for the weekend and want something to watch/go to. I realize that the big NHL night is Saturdays but get some teams playing on back to back days or something.

    The NHL really needs to fix things like this if they want to get as popular as they once were and drum up more interest.

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    no phucks tonite

    i love that sport

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    NHL didn't want to compete with World Series, and Fridays are usually a light night, as Saturdays are usually full and they try to avoid a lot of back-to-backs.