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    IRB Picks for UFC 90!

    Anderson Silva -720 - Not Betting on this but this will be in a parlay.. Silva by 1-2rd Tko

    Thiago Alves +120 6u - Now this is a hard one for me since i have Known Kos and watched him train here in Hawaii off and on for the past years.. I just feel like his stand up is not even close to Alves and Alves has enough ground game to get back up if the fight goes to the ground... But this fight could go anyway im taking Alves with great value... Alves By Decision

    Marcus Aurelio +165 6u - Now this guy is just amazing and im very surprised to see him at this big of a underdog agianst a guy that probley does not have as good as a ground game as Aurelio.. He might have not looked so well in his past fights in the Ufc but this is 1 of only 3 guys who ever beat Gomi, at +165 i could not pass this up.. Aurelio by Dec

    Pete Sell +170 4u -Two pretty even fighters with Burkman with the edge on the ground and Sell with the edge with the Stand up Just cant pass on the good value here. Sell 2-3 rd Tko

    Thales Leites -430 - I really see leites having no problem what so ever tapping McFedries out in the first or second rd.. line is way to high to bet but this will also be in a parlay.. Leites 1-2rd Sub

    Spencer Fisher -340 - Line is to high if i had to bet it i would take a chance with Gugerty but no need for that i need to pick winners... Plus i feel i will just be throwing money away.. Fisher By Decision

    Fabricio Werdum -750- No need to say to much on this fight Werdum should have no trouble taking this fight to the judges.. Werdum By Decision

    Sean Sherk -250 - No bet on this i hate laying fat lines like these... I have been saying this for the past year and i still will stick to it, Sherk will not lose in the LW Div unless he is fight BJ Penn.. With that said this will be a all out Wrestling match that im very confident Sherk will win... Shersk Wrassling is better and has a slight edge in the stand up... Sherk By Decision

    Gray Maynard -230 - Maynard gives up alot in Experience but he will make it up in Power and Technical Wrestling I have watched Maynard train here in hawaii woth Penn and i have to say this dude is a Cardio freak that goes N goes N goes, Look for him to push the pase and take this fight down with out to much problems.. Maynard By Decision

    Now on to my Parlays...

    Parlay #1

    Silva, Sherk, 25u to Win 14.6u

    Parlay #2 - The Underdogs

    Aurelio, Alves 2.2u to win 10.6

    Parlays #3

    Maynard, Leites 15u to Win 11.5u


    Well im hoping for a better day then my last, but MMA is a hard sport to cap.. Everyone got a punchers chance.


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    Single Bets - 2-1 +8.00u

    Parlay Bets - 2-1 +23.9u

    UFC 90 Record - 9-3 . 75% +31.9u