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    auburn wishes they could find a better coach than Tubberville...He isn't the problem. The players and the play calling, switching coordinators in the middle of the season, that would Fuk any team up

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    From a AUB backer tonight
    Good pick Brock...
    GL this week

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    Good Gawd Damm!!!!!! Brock Landers for President......The only guy to give the dub vee a little respect on this forum.......Can anyone say BLOWOUT.......WVU vs. SEC 5 straight and counting..... F the haters,,,,I tried to warn you of the atmosphere and the offense that exploded here in Morgantown tonite......I walked out of the game to the mocking chants of SEC...SEC!...If its all about conferences...well y'all lost tonite bigtime....Big East has nothing on SEC but most forgot this ws a game between 2 teams and not 2 conferences.....Lets Go...(pause)... Mountaineers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    was a good game until the 2nd half! auburn is like bama when it comes to this. just slows down or becomes non existent 2nd half. WV played very well though, and i will now respect DeVine, although he alrdy has 3 kids and no teeth, hes a quick little guy. pat white was very quiet, but hell he didnt have to be there with devine running for over 200 yds. gg, and good call brock....i went with the over in the end, so i guess we both won, and im glad i stayed with my rule of never betting on my team!

    5-0 since monday!!!

    NE covered huge!
    temple got lucky as hell, and both offenses cant score!!
    Aub and WV finally figured out how to score!
    Air force and NM kept it close with some great D!

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