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    come on jj, you know "whitey" put them in that position....

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    Stay away from the trailer parks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    Post of the year and extremely acurrate
    With Obama the blacks are going to get everything for nothing and the white working man is going to pay for it
    this coming from a 24-7 gambler, who was last seen trying to convince a teller to illegally cancel a bet for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l7ustin View Post
    What a lovely conversation.

    Bottom line: Retards vote Repub and Retards vote Dem. Both sides are obsessed with pointing out the flaws in the other side instead of focusing on the positives.

    Republican agenda is dominated by the far right

    Democrats agenda is dominated by the far left

    Middle ground would be amazing.

    Dems dont seem to grasp that there are many abusers of their welfare programs and its highly unfair to people that have worked hard to get ahead. And that over the course of a hundred years will lead to a higher level of laziness and less overall productivity...why go to medical school and work hard? So you can make 20k more than your neighbor who dropped out of high school?

    Repubs dont seem to understand that they are being greedy and unrealistic. Not everyone that is homeless is lazy. Yes there are some, but some have experienced hardships you dont seem to understand. Don't worry though, you might be losing your job soon you might get it. The wars in Iraq whether you agree with the reason or not- very suspicious how one company whom the vice-president of the country was a former CEO of monopolized all military contracts and made billions of dollars. Yes the head of the CIA who gave Bush the intell about WMDs was a well known DEMOCRAT so it was everyone's fault in the beginning BUT its been mishandled terribly since.

    If both sides would discuss instead of getting all upset and calling each other names, be intelligent and maybe you would understand where each other are coming from...

    A large part of the anger and the frustration comes from not understanding why one perosn thinks this or that. If you would listen to each other you might learn a thing or two

    Great post! If you're poor and want a handout, you vote Democrat. If you're make a lot of money and love the tax breaks for the rich and large Corporations, you vote Republican. If you're in the middle class like most voters, you're ****ed since neither side will do shit for you.

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