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    Elite XC folds in MMA world

    did they really have much star power? or just run down old-timers and mythical creations like slice?


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    maybe UFC will take over the CBS Saturday Night Fights

    I would hope

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    Dana White wins again

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    Folded like a cheap suit. Investors ran when they heard rumors of the Slice fight not being on the up and up.

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    Well they where banking off 1 person... After all this Kimbo hype its nice to see a shit Corp like this go down

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    who cares...

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    In this economic environment, it will be tough for anyone to overtake the UFC.

    It will take someone with a lot of money and the ability to get a good network TV deal to overtake them.

    From everything I read Elite xc had horrible management, so they weren't going to be the one.

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