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    Question about a sportsbooks response

    Im using oddsmaker.com for this weekends bets, with there system when you deposit money you have to log onto a cashier menu and transfer funds into your casino and sports book account or poker account, so after today's bets were over i decided i wanted to play some poker, i turned 200 into 570 in about 2 hours so i logged onto the cashier menu and transferred 570 from my poker account to my casino and sports book account, about a hour later i logged onto the cashier server to see that it still said i had 200 dollars in my poker account, so im like hmm it probably needs to be reloaded, i closed the browser opened it back up still there so i transferred that 200 into the sportsbook and casino section of the site for 770 and proceeded to make 2 wagers 385 each on 2 sides of a line, ill end up eating about 35 bucks in vig(-105 line) but ill end making 165 off of this server mistake. I decided to make the bet to tie up the money so my account would read zero. if they catch, if this is caught what would be there response?

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    They could cancel your wagers, close your account, or even confiscate your account balance altogether.

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