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    Obama Raised Record $150 Million in September

    I donated the max. Anyone else putting their money where their mouth is for their candidates?

    Obama Raised Record $150 Million in September
    By Kate Phillips

    The Obama campaign announced this morning that it had raised a record $150 million last month, and had added 632,000 new donors to its total.

    The amount shattered the campaign’s previous record from August. The McCain campaign also had a record-breaking month in August, but is now operating with the $84 million provided by public financing for the general cycle and assistance from the Republican National Committee under certain limits.

    In announcing the Obama figure, David Plouffe, the campaign manager, said the average donation for September was less than $100. Mr. Obama, however, did hold several mega fund-raisers in September that pumped millions of dollars each into his coffers, including a Barbra Streisand-Hollywood event that alone collected a reported $11 million.

    All counted, 3.1 million people have contributed to his campaign, Mr. Plouffe said.

    Mr. Obama decided to forgo public financing for the general cycle, while Mr. McCain opted into it.

    Further details will be available once the formal filings are submitted to the Federal Election Commission for September. The deadline for those reports is Monday.

    (For an inkling of how a sizable portion of the money is being spent this year, The Times’s Jim Rutenberg reported late last week that Mr. Obama is set to break the advertising record established by President Bush’s 2004 campaign — $188 million in ad buys — by early this week. Our interactive ad feature documents the spending and where the ads are being broadcast.)

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    Obama has been out spending him (4 to 1) - big advantage

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    Durito you're an idiot. Obama is more racist than Richkas.

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    Who gives a fuk what he raised, all I care about is how much I raise every day.

    f\*\*k u boston.

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    Money wins elections period, it is proven.

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    of Myself -jjgold

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    he is going to give all of his bros who never paid taxes in their lives MORE GOODIES! guess who is going to pay for that?