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    Halfway Thru Season, Here are the Biggest College Foots Rocks

    The big dumpers, the Disappointment Derby, the Wait Till Next Year Chorus:

    No question (not to me).


    Both have but one win in their basket, about halfway thru the season. And with each, that victory was versus 1AA teams.

    Both were hyped off season. Greg Schiano, the Rutgers coach, after three straight bowl games, got a big raise. He was the messiah come to lead the long time losers at Rutgers to the Promised Land.

    On second look . . . . Sure, the desertion of Rice to the NFL hurt, espcially since no one in the stable was a capable replacement.

    But they were supposed to have a decent defense, and they had a senior QB who was 21-8 in his Rutgers career.

    They may not have been solid to win the Big East this year, but it's got to be a surprise to just about everyone that they are stinking up the Jersey Joint this year.

    Looking exactly like the old Rutgers, that we all knew and loved. (Stilll, Schiano won't be fired - not until he has at least 3 more crappo seasons like this one)

    Miami Ohio also is a huge dissappointment to its backers. They seem to have a solid foundation, some good returning starters, and things were looking up.

    Phil Steele in his preseason magazine called for them to finish second in the MAC East, and confidently said that they'd have their first winning season since '05.

    Very few, if any, expected this pathetic nose dive. And unlike Schiano, the seat under Montgomery's butt is getting hotter by the day. Come December, even Santa Claus won't be able to save his job.

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    There may be a few others.

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    Naturally, after posting this Dame Fortune, on the rag today, lets both Miami O and Rutgers have a real victory