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    Sarah Palin - the REAL one - on SNL tomorrow?

    Couple of nights a week I'll watch the monologue of Leno or Letterman. And rarely, a guest.

    Leno is usually funnier than Letterman. But Dave has better guests,at least for the politically intersted. Dave is known as anti-Bush.

    So last night he had an itneresting, mildly confrontational interview with John McCain. Kind of funny, McCain held his own. Nice guy, actually, but has himself so carpeted with Neocons he's a menace to the world.,

    However, he seemed to confirm that Sarah will appear this Sat nite on Sat Night Live, as herself. She and her lookalike, Tina Fey, should have a lot of fun.

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    If there is a God, then NYC will suffer a blackout Saturday evening.

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    I don't see what Palin has to gain by making this appearance. She might get ambushed like Carrie White. Don't do it, Sarah. They're all gonna laugh at you.

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    She is confirmed but they are not sure if Tina Fey will be there or not from what I read.