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    fuk me....i guess this the Bud Norris that the rest of the league has seen the last few years. my bad guys, no damn way hou scores enough to win this game now. off to the gym, Gl with the rest of your plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkdown View Post
    This stinks of value!! Check out my thread on what I think of value. Although I do love Chuck Norris as i like to call him. There is One thing that bothers me when the public backs this guy as they r with this value number LOL.. he always falls on his face and doesn't make it out of the 5th inning!! Good Luck all!! I have no play on this game go cubs!!
    Sorry u lost man. I fcked up to tonight should of had a huge night with Cubs and Heat only to flush most of it away with Angels!! Weaver always fcks me!! Lets get it back tomorrow

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    Is it over?

First 12