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    be careful with your ******** cards at greek

    i called to do a deposit and the lady told me the ******** card i have will be double charged. she said its not on their end but on the ******** end but ever person with the card that starts with the same 4 numbers get double charged. I wil say that is a class act telling me before hand. Just be careful there with it. ******** is a bitch to get stuff released or fixed. I had to wait 3 months for a 10 dollar pending charge from a hotel to disapear from my account

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    why this doesnt suprise me one bit

    corporate greed

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    I had this problem back in early april and again 2 weeks ago with ********, you need to speak to the ESCALATIONS Department at ********, they CAN and WILL remove the held pending double charge. It has NOTHING to do with thegreek, its 100% ******** BS, you just need to speak to the right person and it will be taken care of..

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    I've had a ******** card for over 2 years now but I like my wired plastic much better.


    $3 to load at any **.

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