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    Palin passes gas on the court

    One such tale dates back to Palin’s days as a star high school basketball player in Wasilla, Alaska. According to a 2008 biography by Kaylene Johnson, Palin achieved fame by making an important free throw in a statewide basketball championship game. Now a source who claims to have first-hand knowledge of the event is reporting that Johnson left out a critical detail from the story. According to this source, immediately before Palin sank the free throw, she loudly passed gas and sent the entire arena into fits of laughter. Palin allegedly skipped the post-game celebration and refused to go back to school for a week.

    The potential impact on the campaign of this revelation, if proved true, is unclear at this point. Some analysts believe it could drag down Palin’s image as a clean-cut reformer, while others noted that it might serve to humanize her in the eyes of the voters. Several commentators questioned the validity of the report, however, noting that the story bore striking similarities to an episode of the TV sitcom “Roseanne,” in which Becky cut the cheese. Neither the McCain-Palin nor the Obama-Biden campaigns could be reached for comment.

    Whether or not this specific rumor — which some in the media quickly dubbed “Fartgate” — turns out to have legs, the fact that it has surfaced so quickly is yet another testament to the impact that the Internet can have on today’s political climate.

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