Is everyone else losing. Full moon maybe?

Win 3 poker tourneys, 300 at bj, 3rd in sbr masters contest. Top 5 on espn masters contest. Win 2 of 3 nba Fantasy leagues. 1st place in all my fantasy baseball leagues. Might have a date to
see Scream 4 on friday nite

Got 2 90 dollar tickets for merge poker network, a ticket to sunday million on stars. Lifting the heaviest weights Ive ever lifted in the gym, playing best tennis ever . wtf.

Beat the high school basketball star in a game of Horse and Around the world in basketball
Balanced 3 golf balls on top of eachother

We know how this will finish. just need to post this so i can make another on thursday nite. Thursday nite will be the nite i lose it all. Sbr needs a line for what day it will happen. I even had a vision that tampa bay lightning win 1st round and i know nothing about hockey or who they are even playing, or if their even in the playoffs.