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    pros & cons: local weekly payout vs. online acct.

    I've never had an online account, but I can imagine this a local con:

    Harder to save the BR when the cash flow is constant each week. I can come up a dime, take the lady out, lose a nickel the next week, and be worse off having won the nickel.

    Can anyone else give a pro or con for each side of the discussion?

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    no betting over your head with money you don't have by playing online, no chance of getting stiffed online if playing with a good book

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    I'd much rather have a local. I piss away money online because I put off getting a payout. Won some tonight, then decided to go to the casino for fun, end up losing it all.

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    Pro-Local You don't have to worry about meeting your rollover requirement to make a withdrawl.
    Pro-Some locals extend the deadline to getting a sports wager in.

    Con-Getting stiffed, getting banned by your local.
    Con- Limited action on some sports. May not have total lines for ncaa bball.