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    Celtics ,feel sad for the grandpas

    today was how the playoffs will be running,the old gits shoud go back in their wheel chair and have a beauty sleep

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    Boston doesn't take the regular season seriously...that much should be obvious by now. So if your only reason to doubt the Celtics (in the playoffs) is their regular season performance, then your way off base.

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    Doc JS
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    or see last year when they were 27-27 over their last 54 games and went to game 7 of the NBA finals...

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    i don't know, to me this was a big test, i love celtics and i am a little sad. they just don't have good plays right now, kg missing too many easy ones. they shouldn't have lost by that much, it is kind of sad.

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    KG was like the only player tonight who, as a Bulls fan, I feared. He did a good job on Boozer and Noah early.

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    not taking regular season seriously means not making playoffs, bad excuse, not been able to be clutch in playoffs plain sad, they are missing many bodies, and Doc is not talking about players in the slump

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    the celtics were trying today and they got murdered. That was an important game for both teams and the celtics just didn't keep up. I think this year is different on both the east and west coast. maybe see some fresh new teams in the finals.

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    Celtics won't even make the conference finals; looks like the Spurs or Lakers for all the marbles.

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    Retirement is just around the corner.. After they see that they cant go through the playoffs anymore..