Originally posted on 06/12/2023:

1) Can we please stop with this Enbid > Jokic nonsense.
Jokic just became the first NBA player in history to have the most assists, rebounds, and points scored for an entire post season series.
He averaged a triple/double across twenty post season games for the love of God
30/13/9.8 gets rounded up to ten.
Last time I will say this, there is not anything that Embid does that Jokic can not do, and Embid can not distribute the ball.

Please, just stop

2) Can we please stop with this Malone is a crappy coach nonsense.?
And he was already in Denver six months before he drafted Jokic.
They both developed at the same time.

Please, just stop with this Malone is crap nonsense

3) Can we please stop with this 'Spoe is some sort of coaching god?
He is not, coaching gods don't call for a low percentage three point shot down three points with 18 seconds left to play.