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Sup Fellas!.......Hope all is well and good!...I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I've moved overseas to Cyprus (taking care of mom)...It's been rough and hectic but I'm enjoying the beach life! Lot's of belching going on 24/7! Hundreds of hot women from all over the world wearing skimpy micro thongs and g-strings in public beaches! some even going topless! I'm so tempted to take pics but don't want to get labeled the town pervert!... I will write a complete write up in a few minutes and all of us can do some catching up...Anyhow, here's a play that I feel pretty confident about:

Risk: $100
Win: $300

3TM 1PT teaser:

Astros-Guardians (over 6.5)
Marlins-White Sox (over 6.5)
Cubs-Giants (over 6.5)
Hows it going mate? one of my best buds on SBR.