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Yes, I know some people who are playing same game parlay with odds (like home runs, runs, hits, etc) or in NFL games touchdown scorers with other props, right? How many do you all parlay usually, 4 or 5? Or like 7 to get the huge parlay odds?
Sometimes I'll parlay like 4-5 of em for like 25 to win 5 grand. I usually don't go for teh massive ones some people do. So for example, last week I put mixon 100+ yards in all my parlays, I think that was +490 by itself. Then I took Justin Jefferson to score 2 tds, which almost hit but didn't, that was like +650 I think. I took Tyreke to get a td, I took Henry to get 2tds, I took Devante Adams to get 100+ yards. All in all I missed 2 different parlays by 1 thing, which would have yielded me about 12 grand. I missed 1 by that JJ drop in the endzone for 2, and I missed another by something else. But I've hit these before plenty of times.

Usually I look for big star players that have underperformed and have a great matchup ahead of them, then I take their alternate props, either alternate yards over, or if they're due for a couple td day, I take that. The odds start to get really crazy and add up.