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Well, I don't even think she's more important. I feel for her the same way I'd feel for any other random person in her situation when I don't think the punishment fits the crime

For example, do any of you guys remember the Otto Warmbier case? Some college-aged kid who was detained in North Korea because they said he defaced/stole a photo of Kim Jong Il or something like that? No fame involved. He seemingly broke their law, but the punishment did not fit the crime at all, completely ruined his life, and, if you're not aware of how it ended, it's really tragic

So I just think many of these cases are equally unjust and fked up, this is simply the big one now. I honestly have no specific bias towards Brittney Griner, I hardly know anything about her and can't remember the last time I even watched women's bball
Bottom line is no matter how much you disagree with their lifestyle and actions they are still American citizens and you don't let any country or dictator whack on your crew to make a name for themselves!