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Crimea is Russian, too. Russians will go for Odessa as well. The war is already won by Russians. Bankers/Globalists want to destroy Russia at any cost, yes, they're willing to sacrifice even 1b people. They're using Ukraine as springboard to attack Russia. That's why Russia is not showing all its cards in Ukraine.
Yes, Putin says he is willing to kill millions, so him not caring about taking out 1 billion is not a surprise.

The Russian people need to be sanctioned harder now. Starve those complicate with Putin now.

The people need to over throw the despot leader or be punished along with him.

Worst country left in the world.

"They're using Ukraine as springboard to attack Russia" <--- go play in the traffic propaganda man. Russia attacked. Russia invaded.

But I do hope Putin pushes until Russia as it is today is destroyed.

How many minutes do you think any of the black sea fleet will last if cowardly Russia deploys any sort of nukes?

5 mins? 10 mins?

Russia has be shown to be weak and with a completely corrupted military.

Good luck conscripting civilians to keep fighting Vlad.