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What a terrible take by this goon...................

NFL Network TV host Kyle Brandt criticized Dorsey for the outburst, calling it a permanent tattoo that will follow him for the rest of his coaching career.

“In a time when if you do any sort of animated pose or facial expression on camera, you will be meme’d into oblivion,” Brandt said on his podcast: “Kyle Brandt’s Basement.”
“You can not have a complete conniption fit like he did. We are going to be seeing video of that in the next five to 10 years on the Internet,” he said. “That is a permanent tattoo on him and his career. … That is a big loss on the field, on the Internet, and on his flesh for Ken Dorsey. There are some bad teams out there today, the Bills aren’t one of them. But Ken Dorsey, you lost the day.”