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I don't think they care so much about losing any percentage of traffic. Having a lot of people stroll through a shopping mall doesn't mean much if they're just window shopping and stealing grapes and cherries for free, along with their coupons they can cash in for free stuff.

It's the quality of the traffic, not the quantity. The more trolls that scatter off elsewhere is actually blissful for us. This isn't going to be a basic budget site as most others. Remember we had Loshak as our video pro for how long so let's not pretend SBR was a market leader of anything in its old format.

Stay or go or bounce around all that's out there. Since all forums are so interconnected I'm not sure any forum is going to care either way
With all due respect Shari.... I don't know if that was taking a shot at Loshak or not? But, take a look around during SBR's prime. Everyone played a role as to "traffic". Even "true" posters that were here... and still are here... played a huge role for SBR. I can think of 30 screen names that made me laugh my ass off. Loshak did his job... he had his own personality.... everything to me jived together. Made things lively and entertaining. I enjoyed "The Prick" as well. I liked the format. Everyone had their own personality... made this place go. To me... NOT 1 person made it go. EVERYONE MADE IT GO.

I get it... we all get old. And we lose our mojo... our health... etc. The dude that came in to fill "The Prick"??? You kidding me??? You could of made a better selection by spinning the bottle. Didn't have the "personality" for it. It was like making a purchase on WISH. Generic garbage.

I don't know the details to everything why John sold etc. That's on him. Apparently sold at the right time. Smart move. Not knocking the new owner at all... but there was still "rhythm" here. Now the rhythm is all gone. The only people that log on now.... have made friends here over the years.... enjoy reading each other's posts.

Yes... even you Shari played a huge part at SBR over the years.... Optional too.

But back to the suggestion of losing traffic.... all that's left are the the die hards. You lose them.... the last person... do the honors and flip the switch.... it's lights out.