Originally posted on 06/27/2022:

For everyone that hasn't been watching/paying attention to the January 6th hearings, I'll attempt to touch on some of the key points in a few paragraphs here. First off, I just want to mention in case anyone wasn't aware of or has forgotten, in 2016 when Trump lost the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses to Ted Cruz, Trump said that was "rigged" as well. So point being, it's not unusual for Trump to say that things are "rigged" when he loses.

MUCH, of the January 6th hearings have been either recorded testimony or LIVE testimony with at least a dozen or so Republicans who had direct contact with Trump and spoke to him regularly. Most of them being Attorneys in one way or another. Another key witness was Trump's campaign adviser/manager Bill Stepien. To make a long story short, Trump was obviously unhappy about the results of the election. So, he had all of these people looking for election fraud. So they all went out and checked every nook and cranny and all the conspiracy theories that everyone was hearing about on FOX News, NewsMax, Hannity etc etc and it all turned out to be BS. His OWN people told him that it was BS.

Now, I know this will upset you Trump supporters. But not only was this coming from the mouth of Bill Barr, it was also coming from the mouth of Trump's campaign manager Bill Stepien, as well as Trump's own White House Attorneys. They all found NO mass election fraud ANYWHERE. NONE. ZILCH. NADA. ALL the conspiracies were debunked. All of them told him this OVER and OVER AGAIN. Finally, Bill Barr says he has had enough of this and he decides to resign in mid to late December.

Well, Trump being the smart and savvy businessman that he is, he figures out a way to make a buck out of this and he calls in his Tom Brady as seen in the image below.

Trump continues to push the big election LIE even though his OWN White House Attorneys tell him that he doesn't have a shot in hell at winning ANY of these court cases. So Trump starts sending out these fundraising emails like the one below to raise money for his "legal defense" fund.

Imagine that, a BILLIONAIRE, making his own voters feel guilty for not sending him money for a bogus legal defense fund when he KNOWS damn well he's not going to win any of these court cases because he KNOWS he lost the election fair and square. Well, it worked. He raised 250 MILLION dollars. His bogus legal team went 1-61 in the court rooms just like his real WH Attorneys told him they would. I wonder where the money went?

It gets better, after Bill Barr resigned, Jeffrey Rosen took over as Acting Attorney General. Trump's new plan is to get some "Fake Electors" in the swing states and he proposes this plan to Jeffrey Rosen. Jeffrey Rosen says "Absolutely Not!". So, then Trump decides he'll just fire Rosen and hire another person as AG that will go along with this plan. He finds Jeffrey Clark. Jeffrey Clark is an Environmental Attorney who has never conducted a criminal investigation and has no business being the AG but Trump doesn't give a rats ass just as long as he will go along with the plan. So on January 3rd, 7 members of the DOJ have a meeting with Trump in the oval office. And they discuss this plan, the only 2 that really want to go along with it are Jeffrey Clark and Trump. Several of them say they will resign immediately if Trump makes Jeffrey Clark the new AG and sends a letter to the swing states requesting "new electors". Finally, one of the guys, I think it was Pat Cipollone says to Trump, "this is going to be bad PR". So at the last minute Trump decides against this plan.

All of this was testimony under oath from Jeffrey Rosen, Richard Donoghue, and Steven Engel. Jeffrey Clark, the man who as willing to LIE for Trump, when he was called in to testify, he plead the fifth over 125 times. John Eastman, a Trump Attorney that supported the election LIE and told Trump that Pence could send back the electoral votes(Pence CANNOT do this, this is ILLEGAL), when he was called in to testify, he plead the fifth 146 times. In case anyone is unaware of how Trump feels about people that plead the fifth, here's a reminder.

Also, here's a few Republicans who have requested a Pardon from Trump if he should be reelected. Scott Perry, Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. That tells me that they KNOW that they are doing something illegal. Maybe it's something as simple as spreading the election LIE when they knew there was no election fraud. Everyone knew, the only people that didn't know was Trump's own supporters and Trump was laughing all the way to the bank. January 6th didn't have to happen. People died because of that day. Over 100 Police Officers were injured trying to PROTECT our Democracy. Trump supporters are doing time because of him and his LIES, and Trump doesn't give 2 shits about any of these people.

I suspect I will get stuff like... TLDR.... or LIES... or some shit like that. That's fine. I don't really care. Eventually some of you will figure all of this out. The enemy of your enemy isn't necessarily your friend. When you are watching 2 teams play a game on your TV, just because one team really sucks, it doesn't mean the other team is automatically great. If you only watch one of the January 6th hearings, I recommend watching the one below.