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The biggest reason that a game that “looks too good“ ends up losing is because you are not looking at the appropriate relevant factors to predict the game.

Chances are you’re looking at some other factors likely public ones that swing or exploit emotion but are not predictors of outcomes.

It may also be that you watched previous games and even though what you saw is not predicted the future outcomes it’s still strong enough to sway your emotions and affect how you bet on the next games.

Finally, the market tends to swell and build up and then let down different types of bettors, this happens to everyone.

Stop betting teams and start estimating and betting value. This is the answer to this age old problem for bettors.

KVB speaks the truth!...when you consider emotional factors multiplied by reverse reciprocal theories, you have the tendency to over-evaluate a team's performance based on quantitative factors and theological deductive reasoning...it's for this very exact reason why we as cappers can't overcompensate for appropriated depositions and other market mutual funds which may or may not effect the direct outcome of a game...back in 1964 when a Tsunami devastated Indonesia it sent out a rippling effect via the coriolis force we actually facilitated a regression to the means and predispose the distant boundaries between the various dimensions of now (the present) and the hereafter (post-death)...it's this type of kinetic energy that is the crazy glue which binds us all together...what does all of this valuable information translate into??!!.....

Red Sox@Guardians (over 8.5) for 8 units!...