Originally posted on 05/09/2022:

Unlike the current viewpoints from others, Betonline is not that great. I just discovered their deceptive bonus practices. About 3 weeks ago I requested a payout and had no problem. One week later I began making $100+ deposits but the Crypto Reload Bonus was not applicable as you have to wait after 14 days from last payout to claim reload bonus. And I had no problem with that restrictions, though other books don't have that length of time restricting for claiming new bonus after payout such as Heritage and Bovada.

Anyway, I decided to claim the 5% boost which has a 10x rollover for the next (7) $100+ deposits. After each of the first (6) deposits I would lose my initial deposit plus the boost bonus w/in 1-3 wagers so I would have a zero balance when I initiated the next deposit with 5% boost. On my last deposit of approximately $100, 7th deposit since payout, I was now able to claim both reload bonus and boost bonus. BOL has a r/o graph showing you how much you need to r/o with current update status. I eventually cleared it and then requested a payout of small amount of $180. About 10 mins later I get an email stating the following:

Payout Comments: All deposited funds must be wagered (rolled-over) at least one time prior to withdrawal.
We thank you for your continued business and are always available if you should have any questions.
[%%#SbookWebsite %%]http://www.betonline.ag
[mailto:%%#SbookEmail %%]cashier@betonline.ag
-The Staff at BetOnline-

I didn't understand that message as I already cleared the r/o as noted on the graph that BOL provided and "one time prior " is not applicable as I had a bonus. So I called CS and she then explains that boost bonus r/o is not included in the r/o graph as that is only regarding free play that I received from the reload bonus. Ok, that's fine but sort of annoying and then I asked her so what's my total r/o now for the boost. I waited for about 10 mins and she came back on phone and told me I have $7k r/o... what????

Now the fun begins, though it's a real small amount, I'm completely annoyed and argued with her on how that was possible. She explained that I didn't clear the r/o requirement for the previous (6) deposits. I noted, however, my balance was zero when I made the new deposit and r/o requirement should've reset. I mentioned that all the books that I've dealt would reset the r/o if you reached zero balance from the initial deposit plus bonus. I asked why would I ever make another deposit if they were going to carryover the r/o to my new deposits when I had zero balance. I then spoke to supervisor and it's the same outrageous "explanation" I get from initial CS. I asked supervisor to show me in their rules where that is explained where it's carryover. She just kept reading off the "10x r/o requirement before any funds or winnings can be withdrawn." And I kept repeating but where does it says r/o requirements are carryover on new deposits when the balance is zero. So where going in circle and I simply hang up as I'm not even being given a better explanation. That is one of the most deceptive bonus I have ever come across.

Most likely I won't be able to clear this r/o as I have $280 remaining balance for a $7k r/o. When the balance reaches zero I will seriously consider closing my account as BOL is hardly one of the best sportsbook around.