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The KVB NCAAF UPSET Basket has added...

161 16-Oct ARIZONA ST +102
207 16-Oct STANFORD +103


Thanks for that Cal play.
You 'da man.
How can I be 'da man when you 'da man?
How can I possibly be 'da man when you 'da man?

I have four (IMO) solid bets in the pick six contest.
I need (well duh) two more picks to fill out the card.
The other 100 games besides the four I love I had no vibe for.

Good job fella.
Just for that you get extra cheddar cheese on your Nash burger later.

Well, UConn has sunk to a new low.
We are 3 point bow wows to Yale.

You know you suck when you're not even the best football team in the state of Connecticut.

Got a text from my buddy, "you want to go to the tail gate and game"?
I was like. "Why, for what reason"?
You ever been to Hartford?
Hartford is to Ct. what Compton is to So Cal.
Now if the tailgate was in New Haven, well yeah, that Ivy school can party.

Hit me up when you're ready for that burger.
And if Dags doesn't get back soon Tessie Dog gets the bacon.