Originally posted on 04/29/2021:

I say this every chance I get.
I won't stop saying it until it gets drilled into all the blockheaded gamblers out there that sill bet teams in baseball at -200 or greater.
Forget about -250 or -300 which deGrom's Mets lines usually are.

Unless the Lord and Savior Himself Jesus Christ is toeing the rubber I will never bet a baseball game where the odds I'm laying are 2:1 or greater. And the last time I checked, Garret Cole, Jacob deGrom are not Jesus Christ.

Have we not learned from the opening day carnage where all teams -200 or greater did not win (six of them)

deGrom's Mets are 2 and 3 in which he's started.
If you laid the average price at -250 and flat betted one unit in each of the five starts.

You would have...
Won twice and collect 200 dollars (i* twice)
Lost three times and paid out 759 dollars (3 x 250)

You're 550 dollars in the hole, and now need to win six consecutive flat bets just to break even.
And like I always say, if you're laying -250 you are bright enough to win six straight to break even not to mention if you lost again any time along the way that's not a 1* loss but a 2.5 unit loss so you are set back another two games.

The stupidest thing I hear people say on this here or any other website is "there's no juice if you win"