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I agree. People have tendency to get too caught up in the moment. Senate is split 50/50 and dems had a piss poor showing in congressional races this year. My $ is on GOP to take the house back in 2022. Haven't looked at 2022 senate elections yet so not sure who has edge there, but I imagine it'll be close either way.
Republicans should be like -400 to take the house in 2022. I don't think to a massive 2010 level. People lose sight of the fact that Republicans won some many of the state houses, giving them the ability to draw the districts. On top of that, there are reversals in a presidents first term. Additionally, a lot of the voting changes that benefitted democrats are going to be reversed by courts or legislation.

The senate elections include a GA (Warnock) and Arizona seat (Kelly). Competitive seats for Republicans are wisconsin and PA. Some other Competitive seats include Colorado, New Hampshire, and Nevada. These are democratically held. A Florida seat is up as well

I think the Republicans are maybe around -160 to -200 to win the senate. 2 years is a long time in politics. The GA government is likely to make substantial changes to the voting laws ( heard no more "no excuse mail in ballots", they might look at voter rolls as well). A better candidate than Loeffler, and that's easily back in republican hands.

Could be wrong. Maybe Joe Biden with usher in a time of peace and prosperity, and will gain more house and senate seats. Historically, though, normally a pretty significant reversal.