Originally posted on 10/30/2020:

betpoints bet on the ELECTION - (NO political talk just wagers)

NOTICE this POST is now current lines

(as older threads cant be updated. so for example post #1 and post #20 is not current and prices not valid.)

keep in mind the points might or might not be graded fast as this could be a close election so I will hold them safely until a winner is official or a state is official.

Lines will be updated in the thread (after 24 hours I can edit post #1 or post #20 anymore for line changes or addition of props). but I will keep just this one thread. hurry and lock in I might close the thread at anytime.

YOU must post points here for your wager to be valid, and no edits allowed
MAX net profit win per wager is 1500

(however if you max out on anything especially US election please ask me here or PM and case by case would consider higher limits)
Must be an SBR PRO

straight wagers only

I might add some more options or props also so keep looking. if there is specific things you want you can ask in thread but no promises.

no political talk allowed, all parties agree that political talk and BS is a possible forfeit (my decision only) of all points sent. there are MANY other places to do that. Please just share your ideas and wagers and win some pizza.---------------------------------------------------------------------------

2020 US Presidential Election - Tuesday, November 3, 2020 8:00 PM
101 Joe Biden wins Presidential Election -175
102 Donald Trump wins Presidential Election +155


select states
2020 US Presidential Election - Electoral Votes Winner - Tuesday, November 3, 2020 8:00 PM4
201 Democratic Nominee wins Arizona -130
4202 Republican Nominee wins Arizona EVEN

4501 Democratic Nominee wins Colorado -1600
4502 Republican Nominee wins Colorado +1100

4901 Democratic Nominee wins Florida +135
4902 Republican Nominee wins Florida -165

5001 Democratic Nominee wins Georgia +135
5002 Republican Nominee wins Georgia -165

5501 Democratic Nominee wins Iowa +155
5502 Republican Nominee wins Iowa -185

6201 Democratic Nominee wins Michigan -270
6202 Republican Nominee wins Michigan +230

6301 Democratic Nominee wins Minnesota -360
6302 Republican Nominee wins Minnesota +300

6801 Democratic Nominee wins Nevada -310
6802 Republican Nominee wins Nevada +260

6901 Democratic Nominee wins New Hampshire -420
6902 Republican Nominee wins New Hampshire +360

7301 Democratic Nominee wins North Carolina -105
7302 Republican Nominee wins North Carolina -125

7501 Democratic Nominee wins Ohio +250
7502 Republican Nominee wins Ohio -290

7801 Democratic Nominee wins Pennsylvania -175
7802 Republican Nominee wins Pennsylvania +145

8001 Democratic Nominee wins South Carolina +1900
8002 Republican Nominee wins South Carolina -2500

8301 Democratic Nominee wins Texas +370
8302 Republican Nominee wins Texas -430

8901 Democratic Nominee wins Wisconsin -280
8902 Republican Nominee wins Wisconsin +240

Yes +570
No -730