Originally posted on 09/12/2020:


1a. I will post my picks for all sports right here in one tidy thread.

1b. If the pick is not mine originally (stolen), I will reference the source to give credit, but still take responsibility for the outcome as if it were my own. This stipulation is required by Mr. Gold and being underwritten by the Cowardly Volatile Futility Sportsbetting Corporation, Inc.

1c. Both of the above will be tracked to produce my ongoing Quivering All-Sports record.

1d. FLAT BETTING ONLY: Every pick will ALWAYS be risking 1 unit.

For example and illustration purposes,

"Favorites / Point Spreads" = Team -110 means 1 unit risked to win 0.909 units
"Underdogs / Plus money" = Team +150 means 1 unit risked to win 1.500 units
"Parlays / Teasers" = 2-team parlay each -110 means 1 unit risked to win 2.640 units

2a. COVID-19 carriers are not allowed to view this thread, to promote health and safety.

2b. Thread is designated as SBR Pro only allowed to post, to encourage discrimination.