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Also @ Sarkarmi and Arie who nominated the post I am responding too. Do you believe Bet-IBC scammed Sarkarmi? Because thats the suggestion from your nominations.
I'm happy to answer this.
I'm a full believer in common sense, and for me common sense comes before the judgement itself i.e. before looking at the black & white terms and conditions or rules of a given incident, I am looking for common sense. I believe many judges do the same before they give their judgement - you have (a) an incident, what happened practically - and you have (b) the black & white side of things, the rules aka the terms and conditions.

Now, before looking at Bet-IBC's terms and conditions - I believe Bet-IBC is to be blamed here for several serious issues:

(1) Negligence - They failed to communicate properly with the user, they failed to keep him posted and just tried to run the clock so he would "forget"about it.
(2) Incompetence - they in my opinion, by all means, did not try their best to resolve the conflict with BetFair, they did not try to fight it or ask for other options to resolve the issue with BetFair, they simply shook off any type of responsibility that is linked to them.
(3) In my opinion from the look of this it can be shown, very clearly, that Bet-IBC doesn't care about its customers, its first goal is to profit and only then, if necessary, they will do the bare minimum to assist their customers.

Now would I call it a "scam"? With that I agree with you, Optional, that the word scam, might be too extreme, however with an attitude like this from a betting agent - I personally wouldn't go near them anytime soon, and I actually used them in the past and I documented it as well in the forum, but with their high fee structure and the way they operate - I'd definitely put (and raise) a red flag on their business - that's my opinion.