Originally posted on 03/14/2019:

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I don’t care what anyone else says. All of this is far from over. Mueller report isn’t out yet( you said it was wrapped up months ago), still 17 investigations, Nancy still dragging trump around by his nuts. You still have been wrong about everything. What are you celebrating? This is why I named you king mush and you stole that. This is what you do Lenbo. Just like with your perma ban stuff. You are .000
It’s over king mush . You been ragdolled once again . Weissman is saying bye soon which means it’s late in the fourth quarter and this sham is about to wrap up and you’ll be all out of the you don’t know what Mueller has excuse .

If you think Mueller has any more major indictments coming you just might be able to find a bank offering you 5% interest on your 250 K . (Fraud exposed lol )

Have they found Michael Cohen’s phone in Prague yet ?